Boud Ceysens

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Biography Boud Ceysens

Born in Neerpelt on 15 October 1965 as the son of the late visual artist Willy Ceysens. Studied at the urban higher institute for visual communication and design in Genk. Diploma: bronze watering can.

Visual artist Boud Ceysens is fascinated by beauty and fascinated in people and interpersonal relationships and he tries to combine both of these in his work. Here in the studio Boud lets the bronze or aluminum flow to the form of images, the images are "representations" of stirrings in himself and of what he perceives around him or perceives to perceive

Boud is mainly inspired by people, encounters, events, life itself. He works intuitively. Starting point is a global idea or a feeling from within. The image arises already making.

He makes free work and works on commission. His free work is always on display in his own gallery, he receives the assignments from cities and municipalities, institutions, companies and private individuals.
Bronze maquette of O.L.V. Basilica of Tongeren, aluminum statue roundabout Hechtel, nature reserve the curlew, etc ...

Images for King Albert, Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde on behalf of third parties. Artworks at home and abroad.

art, sculptures, Boud Ceysens, gallery, bronze,

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