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Sonja Smessaert

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  • Icewater
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Sonja Smessaert "Painting is my passion!"

From that passion the enthusiasm has grown to share my own artworks and those of domestic and foreign artists with interested fellow people.

"The unity and beauty between people, animals and nature in time and space and in all its facets" will be a thread through our collections.

Sonjart Gallery wants to represent artists who can touch.

And we then see touching not only as a quality of senses and reason, but also in interaction with heart, soul and spirit.

We will choose to work with the fine energy and original expression that fits.


Keywords, Sonjart, Sonja Smessaert, Gallery, Artist, Knokke, paintings

Choose region & city : Belgium "all"
Price level : $$$$ High level
Material : Acrylic

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