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Cycling in Knokke region, Damme

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No better way to get to know a city or region than on foot or by bike. Not only do you get to places that you might otherwise leave to the left, but it offers you the comfort to stop where and when you want.
In Knokke-Heist, the 9 km long seawall is the ideal route for hikers and cyclists. But we have much more to offer. In the hinterland the polder plains invite you to be explored. No limits but a network of walking and cycling paths from their own territory to De Panne, the Brugse Ommeland or to the Noorderburen.
The seawall is Knokke-Heist's longest bike path for adults and children alike.
Everyone can cycle to their heart's content on extraordinary models of tricycles, go-carts and cuisse-taxes (also for the whole family).
Do you prefer to follow a mapped route?
In the wide surroundings of Knokke-Heist there are countless possibilities to make shorter or longer trips. And steep slopes are not there.
At Tourism Knokke-Heist you will find various cycling maps on which the detailed cycling routes are nicely indicated.
There are the:
Zwinroute (39 km)
This tour takes you along the dunes, the botanically unique Zwarte Polder, bird breeding grounds and the Zwin nature reserve.
Blinckaertroute (43 km)
This route describes a cycle and exit route in Knokke-Heist. She focuses primarily on the artistic historical view of the municipality. The four boroughs, Heist, Ramskapelle, Westkapelle and Knokke are in this order.
Spacious polder route (44 km)
Speaking of a beautiful, pleasant route ... You explore the sea greens between Knokke-Heist and Damme, one of the most beautiful polder landscapes in Flanders. Old seawall dikes, medieval harbor towns like Sluis, Hoeke, Oostkerke, and Damme, historic hooves and a wide horizon form the main ingredients of the trip.
Bike network Bruges Ommeland
Do you like a lot of kilometers? This network guarantees almost 900 kilometers of cycling pleasure in one of the most beautiful tourist regions of Flanders.
Bike network The Coast
The 86 kilometer long Coastal Cycle Route offers you a sample of natural beauty and seaside resorts along the Flemish Coast. But believe us, the coastal polders behind the dunes are also a true cycling paradise.
Bicycle network West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen
Typical for Zeeland Flanders are the dikes with tall trees, the beautiful creeks, the endless country lanes with old pollard willows, the wet grasslands, the Spanish forts, the dune landscape, the sand and clay soils and the sand (clay deposition on sand). Come and experience from top to bottom what makes the treasures of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen so special!
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