Bestvisit B.V. has developed a unique user-friendly "all-in-one" online E-catalog e City guide that offers 2 different possibilities to advertise regionally, nationally and even internationally to support the existing physical SME / business or website

Choice options for the Advertiser (1 & 2):

1 Show the product via the webshop with detailed image material and relevant product information and hereby invite the interested customer (s) to visit the relevant merchant at his location or to contact him (advertising).

2 Show the product via the webshop together with detailed image material and relevant product information with a link to the merchant's website or webshop, which is subject to the general conditions, conditions and privacy rules of the relevant customer that are mandatory on his website. (to advertise)

You determine the number of publications that you place throughout the year.
* You can delete the publications yourself and add new ones
* Is ideal for SMEs / traders and companies.
* Publications are easy to place (user friendly Dashboard).
* You can place them in the E-catalog as well as in City info.
* Placing banners (targeted) The more you focus with a banner on a specific category page, the greater the chance of results. With us you can therefore place banners on a specific category page. We would be happy to advise you on putting together a banner campaign.
* Tariff Basic 120 euros per year (5 publications) excl. VAT (corresponds to 10 euros per month)
* Tariff Pro 240 euros per year (100 publications) excl. VAT (equals 20 euros per month)
Request more information about the advertising costs without obligation. Possibly partially paid with RES

Advertise general agreement:

Taking into account that:
- The Contractor makes advertising space available on
- Advertiser declares to place an advertisement in this advertising space.
- Advertiser declares to pay the agreed price for this advertising space.
Do the following:
Definition: Advertiser and anyone who, for himself or on behalf of another person, issues instructions to the contractor to place Advertisements and / or in connection therewith the conclusion of Advertising Agreements.
Advertising Agreement: an agreement between the Advertiser and the Contractor whereby the Advertiser, by placing one or more Advertisements with effect from an agreed date and for the agreed duration, commits to spend a minimum amount and is entitled to do so on the agreed Advertising Space on www. at the agreed rate.
• Advertising space: the space that must be placed for placement of one or more advertisements on Ad slots are expressed in number of placements.

• Advertising space: the space that must be placed for placement of one or more advertisements on Ad slots are expressed in number of placements.
Price / Tariff: Advertiser declares to pay the agreed advertising space the following price: Advertising space ... ........... number of placements on an annual basis. Total price for the agreed maximum number of placements is ... ............ excluding VAT to be paid within 8 days after signing agreement
Quality: Since Bestvisit B.V. pursue a specific image and quality, the advertisements must meet the quality and individuality requirements of the medium for which they are intended. The management reserves the right at all times to request the prior submission of the advertisements, to impose modifications or to reject advertisements which in its opinion do not meet these requirements, without the sale refusal being invoked.
Responsibility: The advertisements and publications appear under the sole responsibility of the client, broker or advertiser, who also, with the exclusion of Bestvisit B.V., has the exclusive responsibility for possible violations of law, complaints or disputes as a result of the publication or advertisement.
Reject: Bestvisit B.V. generally reserves the right to refuse, stop or postpone the execution of an order without the right to compensation and without the sale refusal to be invoked if it considers that the order is contrary to the prevailing laws and / or regulations, or contrary to the individual character, image, belief or interests of the medium or itself, or if it believes that there is a risk of non-payment by the client. For the same reasons, Bestvisit B.V. also always the right to request prepayment.
Copyrights: When the client / advertiser instructs to make a reproduction of any drawing, photo, document or text, file, etc., this implies that he has obtained permission to do so, without any responsibility on our part.
The duration of a contract can never be longer than 12 months from the date of payment advertisement and / or first placement online. The subscription is automatically extended for 1 year if you do not cancel 1 month prior to termination in writing.
Sell: Advertise sites serve some and only for publications or advertising purposes. Bestvisit B.V. gives the opportunity to sell via this online trading platform. For this you must conclude a separate agreement with Bestvisit B.V. which can only act as "Seller"
Acceptance of advertising conditions: When paying for your chosen advertising locations, you accept the above-mentioned advertising conditions from the Contractor Bestvisit B.V.

Image material: To create your advertiser profile, you need: 1) Logo size 250 x 250 pixels and 2) top header 1000 x 250 pixels. To add photos, in 3 E-catalog and City info, the first photo must have 400 x 480 or 500 x 600 pixels for an even and balanced catalog