Horse riding

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Horse riding
Riders and their horses will enjoy the Zwin and its surroundings during a pleasant walk. This equestrian route consists of paved and unpaved roads.
When horses are allowed on the beach?
- From 16 October to 14 March inclusive, horses galloping across the beach.
- From 15 March to 15 October, the horses are not allowed on the beach as part of Heist located east of the concession of the water sports club further east.
During the ride you can encounter unforeseen situations or a dangerous crossing on the road.
In the interest of each participant and for the safety of other road users, we have the following rules:
- The route for riders Zwin follows largely unpaved roads or sand trails. Physically, it is more difficult for the horses who are walking paths. Be sure to consider the endurance of your horse;
- On the public road, a horseman, as a motorist or cyclist, is considered a conductor. There must therefore comply with all rules that apply to riders;
- Riders must be at least 14 years old to be able to circulate on public roads. This age is reduced to 12 years if accompanied by a horseman with at least 21 years of age;
- If you have other guests (walkers, cyclists) on the road, courteous;
- Respect for nature and the environment. Do not give your garbage, take care not to damage anything and not be too noisy;
- Loading and unloading the horses is prohibited on public roads.
Ample parking for horse trailers at Ponderosa Riding Stables and Lanckriet. Reservation.

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